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What is Air Pollution Control Equipment?

Letter From the President

Air pollution equipment is many things, depending primarily upon attitudes and strategies of the persons involved with it.  In most cases, management looks upon dust collectors as a necessary evil.  While it does meet EPA and OSHA requirements, it occupies the time of maintenance personnel on non-productive equipment.  The operating and maintenance personnel very often look at dust collectors as fiendish torture devices installed to pupnish them and increase their woes in life.


Grudgingly, most people involved will reason that time and money spent on dust collection leads to a cleaner plant and a clean plant means reduced maintenance.  The results are often intangible and the actual dollar savings in overall plant maintenance cost is usually very hard to prove.


The basic fact is that a company that must have air pollution control devices must maintain them properly, else they will destroy themselves.  This statement is not intended to scare the owners.  It is, however, to let management know that proper maintenance of air pollution equipment must be considered when evaluating that cost associated with plant operations.  The road to good maintenance for such equipment can be long and sometimes difficult, but the results are worth the effort to everyone involved.



- Tom Earls Sr.

Air Pollution Control Equipment