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Method 303

On November 15, 1993, federal regulations for visual emissions testing of coke producing facilities went into effect.  Method 303, the determination of visible emissions from a by-product coke oven battery, is the toughest standard these plants have ever had to meet.  Becoming certified is also extremely tough.


  • 12 Hours of Instruction on Coke Battery w/experienced observer
  • 24 Hours of OSHA health and safety training


  • Respirator Fit Test 
  • Physical Exam
  • 8 Hours of Method 9 Instruction 


More Information

Method 303 regulations require that each battery be "read" everyday

of the year.  Allowable emissions are based on the percentage of leaks

found per area and the average time of leaking emissions per charge

over a thirty day rolling average.  The areas that are examined for

Method 303 are coke oven doors, charging ports or topside lids,

offtakes, collection mains, and the timing of emissions during charging. 

By calculating emissions on a rolling average, a clearer picture of the

overall battery's condition, both from an operating and maintenance

standpoint, can be seen. 



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Certification Test

  • 3 Days of classroom, field training, and certification runs
  • A perfect score must be obtained on the written test from the classroom part
  • Field Observations with 3 Certified Panel Members

Method 303 Information

Timing Charges

Checking for Door Leaks