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Method 9 Information

Method 9 is the visible determination of the opacity of emissions from a stationary source.  The method was developed and is regulated by the USEPA.  To be certified Method 9 as a smoke reader, one must be tested every year. 


So is smoke reading just another regulation by the EPA that is only going to cost you, the operator of a facility, more money with no return?



Method 9 is intended to be a way to "self-regulate" or monitor oneself.  This can be done by using in-house personnel or a third party observer.  It then can be (and should be) used as the company's "first alert" to potentially costly problems.  Irregular and excessive emissions after all, are usually signs of malfunctioning equipment and/or changes in production processes that may not be desirable.


Therefore, it is Fastway's intent to approach smoke reading as a preventative maintenace duty.  We pride ourselves on understanding the production processes of our customers so that we can relate what we see in the sky, to what is going on down on the ground.  The final goals being cleaner air for our communities, better working conditions for the customers' employees and more money in the clients' wallets.


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