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Understanding the First Step to Good Maintenance


                                                         Letter From the President


Just fixing a broken piece of equipment does not mean that the problem is solved.  Preventing the problem from re-occuring is the cure.  While this is not always possible, it is the ultimate goal of any good preventative maintenance (PM) program.  To reach this goal, a complete understanding of the equipment and how it fits into the overall process is required, not only by those who are in charge of maintenance, but also by the maintenance labor force.  Afterall, these are not the workers who are on the "front line" with the plants equipment day-in and day-out.


In today's world, running a successful maintenance program is a challenge.  Many businesses have had to reduce their labor forces and cut budgets for spare parts and repairs, while production and product quality quotas have remained the same or increased.  At times, relying on outside contractors to subsidize ones own maintenance crews does not necessarily mean reaching the desired goal of the PM program because, outside workers are not always familiar with the process a particular piece of equipment operates in.  This means a limit in seeing the full picture of the repair.  In other words, being able to identify the cause/causes of the failure.  If these are known, then the proper steps to preventing the breakdown from occuring again or at least on a less frequent basis can be implemented.


With this in mind, we at Fastway pride ourselves on learning and understanding the processes of our customers in which the air pollution equipment is apart of.  What we know are baghousees and their associated systems.  By working with a plants' maintenance and operations department, we can apply our understanding of these systems to their understanding of the process and together reach the best PM program available for the air pollution equipment.

-Thomas Earls Sr.