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Visible Emissions Observations

Method 9 smoke reading-  Fastway currently has the majority of their staff certified to

read smoke.  Having a smoke reader around constantly monitoring your smoke stack will

save your company time, energy, and most importantly money.  The smoke reader is able

to fill out EPA required paperwork which keeps you in compliance.  By having a smoke

reader you save your company the time of training their own employees, and the time lost

if your plant is forced to shut down due to violations.  The smoke reader is also able to

inform you of any problems as soon as they begin occuring.  With faster response time to

the problems those small problems won't turn into much larger problems which costs

money. Click here for more on Method 9.


Method 303 coke reading-  Method 303 is an EPA regulation that requires companies to

have someone monitoring their coke battery 365 days of the year.  This ensures that the
coke plant won't release any harmful materials into the air.  Just like Method 9, coke
readers are able to make companies aware of serious problems while they are occuring 
which will result in cost savings for the company, and a cleaner air for the public.

contact us today to request a quote for our method 303 services.  For more information on
Method 303 Click Here.